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Temperatures can reach a high above 37 deg C from mid-September to November before the rains start. Winter temperatures can drop to 0 deg C at night and rise above 20 deg C during the day. Heavy rains can be experienced from January to March and may limit the outdoor activities. April to June and early September is climate-wise the best time to visi

It is a malaria endemic area and precautions should be taken, but there are few mosquitoes as it’s a sandy area with little standing water and the tents are generally insect-proof.

Hats, hiking boots and light-weight cotton trousers are essential (light or white clothing will dirty too much). Sandals does not work well in the sand and scorpions come out at night at the start of the rainy season.

Cell phone reception at the camp is limited to the dining area. The last reception is at Maroelaboom Police Station, about 100km from Grootfontein, and at Tsumkwe.

There are fuel stations only at Grootfontein and Tsumkwe (sometimes not).The distance from Grootfontein is 280km. There is no fuel station on the road to Rundu (B4).


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