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Nhoma Safari Camp is a small activity orientated, tented camp, situated in the north eastern corner of Namibia on state-owned land within the traditional area of the Ju/’hoan San or Bushmen (as they are commonly known in Namibia).

It borders the Nyae Nyae and Nna Jaqna Conservancies. Tourism allows the community to earn cash in order to buy food and supplies not provided by the surrounding environment.

Activities offered at the camp ranges from hunting with the Bushmen hunters, veld food collection, the making of hunting equipment to traditional games and the healing dances. When conditions are suitable a short night drive is undertaken to view springhare and look for other nocturnal animals.

A visit to Nhoma Safari Camp will destroy the stereotype image people have of Bushmen and replace it with a more realistic view as well as amazement for the skills and knowledge lost by modern man.

This is only possible due to the limited number of visitors facilitating individual attention, the location of the camp close to the village, the remoteness and wildness of the surrounding area, the natural friendliness and spontaneity of the community and the impromptu activities.



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